1. Must I have a membership to come to Antietam Pool?
    Yes. Antietam is a membership pool only.
  2. Must I live in a certain area to join the pool?
    Our membership is open to everyone.  However, you may only vote at our October General Membership Meeting, hold an office or be a board member if you live in Exeter Township, Lower Alsace Township, Mt. Penn Borough, or St. Lawrence Borough.
  3. Do you do day passes?
    No.  Antietam is a membership pool only.
  4. How do I join the pool?
    There are 2 options.  Join online by going to our website and click on 2020 Online Membership.  Payment is thru PayPal, or call the office at 610-779-5240 to schedule an appointment to join.  We accept cash, checks, money orders, credit/debit cards in the office.  Please bring the driver’s license of all adults joining with you to the office.
  5. Do I need a photo ID and how do I get one?
    Yes.  All members age 4 and up need a photo ID to enter the pool.  ID’s are scanned upon entry so please have yours ready each time you enter.  If you are a new member or a returning member who cannot locate your ID, we are taking pictures by appointment only so please contact the office at 610-779-5240 to set up an appointment to have your picture taken.  We don’t want to make you wait on a day you come to swim.
  6. What memberships do you offer?
    We offer Family (1 or 2 adults + 1 or 2 children), Two Adult, Single, and Senior (60+) memberships. More information is available on the member info page on our website. Everyone is getting the discounted rate in 2020.
  7. Can I smoke at the pool?
    No.  We are a smoke free facility, so no smoking inside the gate.  We do have a designated smoking area outside the gate near the garage door with a bench and receptacle.
  8. May I bring guests?
    Not initially.  We want to make sure we have the capacity for our members.  Once we see how our daily attendance numbers look, we will reevaluate.
  9. Must I wear a mask?
    Yes, at certain places where it is difficult to social distance – on entry/exit, in the office, in the restrooms, in line at the concession stand.
  10. What are the pool hours?
     We will be open daily from 11 AM to 8 PM.
  11. Do you have WiFi?
    Yes. The network and password are posted in the office window near the gate.
  12. What is your storm policy?
    Everyone must leave the water when we hear thunder/see lightning for a period of 30 minutes.  Any reoccurrence adds another 3o minutes.
  13. Is the Olympic (lap) pool open?
    No.  The pool needed work and when the swim team season was cancelled by the Berks County Swimming Assoc, we decided this was the year to tackle that.
  14. Do you have an area for small children?
    Yes.  We have a baby pool for ages 6 and under plus their parents.  We also have a 6 and under section denoted by blue/white buoys in a section of the main pool near the baby pool.  Children that are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers while in the water.
  15. Can I come to the pool and stay all day?
    Not initially.  We will be using a time slot program to insure that all members get time in the sun.  Time slots will be from 11-2 and 2:30-5:30. After 5:30, we are normally never busy, so you may come at that time until close at 8 PM without needing to sign up.
  16. Is there a concession stand?
  17. May I bring my own food/drinks to the pool?
    Yes. No alcohol. No glass containers.  Please put your trash into the trash cans before you leave.
  18. Must my child take a swim test to go in the deep?
    To be a swimmer at Antietam Pool, all children must take a swim test which means swimming the length of the deep with a good strong stroke, breathing to the side, and not stopping until reaching the far wall under the supervision of one of our lifeguards.  All new member’s children age 17 and under and all returning member’s children who have not already passed our swim test must take the test prior to being allowed on the catwalk/in the deep/off the diving boards.  If your child would like to take the test, please talk with a guard when you enter the pool and they will arrange for your child to take the test.
  19. Can I store my chair at the pool?
    Starting in green, we will be having chair storage in the chair room at the end of the long pool building.  The cost to store your chair for the season is $10 payable in the office.  We will give you a tag to put on your chair.  Any chairs in the chair room without a 2020 tag on them will be removed.
  20. Are you offering swim lessons this year?
    Group Lessons – We will be offering group lessons beginning the week of July 6.  Group lessons run weekly – Monday through Thursday with Friday left open for a weather makeup day only if needed.  Group lessons are offered either at 10 AM or at 6 PM – you must come at the same time each day.  Level 1 lessons (beginner) are 40 minutes daily; Level 2, 3 and competition are 60 minutes daily.  An adult may come with their child and sit away from the pool edge to watch the lesson.  Cost is $25 per week for members/$30 for non-members.  Payment is by cash, check, or debit/credit card in the pool office.  Your child’s spot is only reserved once payment is received. Children should bring goggles, if available, and a towel.  We require a minimum of 4 to run each class.  Should we not reach that number, we will call you to reschedule for a future week; otherwise, your payment will be returned.
    Private Lessons – We will be offering private lessons this summer.  Lessons are 30 minutes and cost $30 for members/$35 for non-members.  Sign up by clicking on this link: https://www.digiquatics.com/accounts/5359/private_lessons/new  and completing all information.  An instructor will contact you to schedule a date/time convenient to you both.  Payment by cash, check, debit/credit card in the pool office is due at the time of the lesson.  An adult may come with their child and sit away from the pool edge to watch the lesson.  Children should bring goggles, if available, and a towel.
  21. Is the pavilion available this year for parties?
    Not initially.  Many members invite guests to their parties, so we need to determine our ability to have guests based on capacity before we can allow pavilion events.
  22. Can you explain the time slots?
    You will be able to sign up for a time slot 2 days in advance by clicking on this link: https://avrcc.getomnify.com/#!/schedules/
    Time slots will be used initially from 11-2 and 2:30 – 5:30 daily until we determine our daily attendance numbers.  Then we will reevaluate to determine the need, but we anticipate using them on July 4th and on weekends throughout the summer.
  23. Can I get a refund for my membership?
  24. Is the rec center still available for rentals?
    Yes.  We are booking for future dates.  Please check our website calendar or email us at office@antietampool.org if you want to see if the date you need is available.  The rental application is available on the recreation rental page .  When we have received your form, deposit, and rental checks, we will reserve your date.

If you have any questions not answered above, please contact the pool office at 610-779-5240 or email to office@antietampool.org.

Thank you!