Hi Members!

Our board met last night and we decided that if you are in, we are in! We have a certain amount of fixed costs that go into opening the pool and we really don’t know how many of you are going to join so we have decided to open up our memberships online and the office by appointment or for phone calls. If we get enough memberships by June 8, we are opening and we will make a final decision on June 9. If we can’t open, we will send your money back and see you next year. Our projected opening date is June 27 but we are hoping to be ready earlier than that. The weather determines if the pool can be painted and it takes 10 days to fill the pool. Right now, we are taking memberships from our current members and the people in our 4 municipalities which are Exeter, Saint Lawrence, Lower Alsace and Mount Penn. We want you to know that you are our community and we want you to be able to join first before we decide if we will open it up to the larger area. If you are currently a member and live outside of those areas, you are still able to join because you are already a part of our membership! We did not send out our membership mailing this year because we didn’t want to have the expense of postage if we were not able to open so please tell your friends and neighbors who may not be on social media that we are open for memberships!

We will have some changes and although we don’t know exactly what everything is going to look like, we do know some things:

 ~We are going to be a membership pool as we have always been. This means we don’t do day passes. This is safer for our community members. We know who was here and who we need to contact if we would have a case and we need to provide information for contact tracing.
 ~We are not opening the Olympic pool. The swim team season has been cancelled this year, so we are having some long-needed work done on the pool because it is a good opportunity to do so. In addition to work on the pipes etc. we are getting a price on putting a sliding board in the diving well!
 ~We are opening at 11 AM daily because we want to give you more ability to socially distance yourselves by spacing out the timeframe that we are open.
 ~The seasonal membership fee is going to remain at the discounted rate for the season since no one really had the opportunity to join in May and we are losing a part of the season.
 ~For your safety, we are taking precautions including electronic flush sensors in our bathrooms, hand sanitizer stations and extra staff.
 ~We are not having group swim lessons or moonlight swims until we are in the green and at that time, it will be re-examined.
 ~Our capacity is pretty high but we may need to have an online or scheduled sign up at the beginning of our season just to be sure that we can socially distance adequately. If we do need to do that, we may need to limit members to a 3-hour block of time per day. We think that normal operations during the week is very likely.
 ~We will require a mask at locations where you cannot properly socially distance. This will include entering and exiting, bathrooms and the concession stand and in the office.

At this time, we are not able to discount memberships further than the early discounted rate. Our costs are higher to take the necessary precautions and we want to keep our members as safe as possible and this means limiting other revenue avenues such as moonlight swims and group swim lessons as they provide less social distancing ability.

We are looking forward to a season where we may need to make some adjustments in the beginning but hopefully we can move to green and have even fewer restrictions as the season goes on. Our board and staff are willing to do what it takes to open the pool if you want to come! It is now up to you, our members, to sign up if you want us to open! Sign up now online or make an appointment if you need to come in to join.
Looking forward to seeing you all this summer!!


Antietam Pool office staff here – We urge you to join online if possible because it will limit the number of people going through our office. Go to our website – www.antietampool.org – and click on 2020 online membership. Once you complete the form, it will connect you to PayPal for your payment.

If you need to pay by check or in cash/money order, we will be opening the office Saturday, May 30 from 11:30-3, Monday – Friday (June 1-5) from 10-2 and 5-7 – BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please email me at office@antietampool.org to set up a time next week. If we have a crazy amount of people who need appointments, we will adjust the hours accordingly. We will also determine Saturday hours (June 6) and the following week hours and post as we determine the need.

To enter the office you MUST wear a mask. Please bring the driver’s license for all adults that are joining. We accept cash/check/money order/debit or credit cards. Please consider bringing your own pen so we don’t have everyone using the same pens to complete their applications.

If you are a brand new member, and you have joined online, we will have times closer to opening for you to come in to get your photo IDs.

If you have any additional questions, please email me at the above address. Remember, family memberships include 1/2 adults and 1/2 children – all at the same address. Add’l children can be added for $20 each. Children age 3 and under as of May 1, 2020 are free. Anyone with children age 4 and up must join on a family membership.