This year we will offer Parent/Tot classes, Group Lessons for children, and Private Lessons (for children and adults).

Cost per child per week of lessons for Parent/Tot and Group Lessons – $35/child for members; $40/child for non-members.

Cost for 1/2 hour private lessons – $35 for members; $40 for non-members.

Group lessons run Monday through Thursday at either 10 AM or 6 PM.  Friday will be a make-up day if needed due to rain.


If you joined online and are a new member or a returning member who does not have ID cards with a bar code, please come to the office during preseason office hours to get your photo ID cards before we open on Saturday, May 29.

You can also join the pool in person – we accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards.  All adults should bring their driver’s licenses.

Upcoming office hours:  Wed, May 19 (6-8); Thurs, May 20 (6-9), Saturday, May 22 (10-12), Wed, May 26 (6-8), Thurs, May 27 (6-8), and Fri, May 28 (6-8).

2021 DISCOUNT ENDS MAY 15, 2021

Join through May 15, 2021 to take advantage of our discounted rates.  Rates for Family, Two-Person, and Single Memberships will increase by $10 beginning Sunday, May 16.  Join online (2021 Online Membership  on the top of the home page) or come to the pool office today, May 15, to join in person  May 15 hours are 9 AM to noon.


To join online, click on 2021 Online Membership on the home page of this website.  Payment is through PayPal.

If you were a 2019 or 2020 member, you received a 2021 membership application in the mail.  Please mail or drop off a check with your completed 2021 membership form (both sides) to the office (payable to AVRCC).

If you would like to join in -person, please stop by the pool office during office hours which are posted in a separate announcement.

All members age 4 and older will receive a photo ID card which will be scanned when you enter the pool gates.  Non-swimmers age 4 – 17 will receive a green card and then upon entrance will receive a wristband so our guards know they only belong in the shallow area of the pool (non-swimmers may not go on the bridges, concrete, catwalks, diving platform/boards or in the deep, even with an adult).

Non-swimmers may ask a guard when they are ready to take the swim test (swim the length of the deep; head down, breathe to the side; good, strong stroke, swim without stopping).


Now booking for 2020/2021 rentals!! Check calendar for available dates. Click on Rec Rental for more information and to download a rental form. Completed forms/payment can be dropped at the pool office (there is a slot in the blue door to the right of the pool entrance gate) or mailed to AVRCC, 905 Byram Street, Reading, PA 19606.  Any questions regarding rentals should be emailed to office@antietampool.org and someone will get back to you.

Daily rental rates will be increasing by $25 effective 1/1/21.  If you book in 2020 for a 2021 date, current rates apply.


On behalf of our board of directors, we want to say “Thank You!!” to our members, our staff and our community. We weren’t sure that the 2020 season would happen and if we opened if we would be able to stay open. We made the decision to try and open and do our best to keep everyone, both members and employees safe and working together and everyone doing their part….we did it!! Our members joined, our concession stand opened and the employees came to work and we made it. Our season looked a little different but it was still awesome and the best thing we heard from everyone was that they could feel “normal” at the pool. We are honored that you choose to be a part of the AVRCC community and we are looking forward to an even more normal season next year and we hope that it brings swim team and moonlight swims and 4th of July celebrations and all of our annual traditions back again for 2021!